Tugg Screening Promoter Tool Kit

On this page, at each bold link, you will find various documents that will assist you in setting up and making the screening of In Search of Liberty, via Tugg, a success in your area.

The first thing to read is the Promoter Resource Kit Introduction.

This document will get you acquainted with what is needed to set up a screening of In Search of Liberty in your city.  This particular guide, as well as the other documents on this page, have been compiled as best practices to do when putting on a movie screening.

Keep in mind that IC Liberty Films, the marketing firm behind In Search if Liberty, will be doing its own promotion to help you with your ticket sales. We will be posting items to our social media pages about when and where your screening will take place and also direct people to purchase tickets. This is definitely a team activity!

After getting acquainted with the overall program, The next thing you will want to read is: Getting Started – Setting Up Your Screening

Once that has been accomplished, and approved, you will need to move into the promotional aspect of the event.  Please read An Introduction to Promote Your Screening as it includes those actions that have been done for other successful screenings.

There is a Promoter Game Plan showing what needs to be done to meet the threshold to ensure that the screening happens.

The Outreach Email Template is used to email all of your family and friends to get them to get their own tickets. In addition, you should get them to use that same email to send to their own personal lists.

To reach even more people use the Sample Press Release template, ensuring that you change the specific areas on the release to fit your event. Send the release to any and all news media in your city, as well as any entertainment and local news bloggers.

Next check out the Social Media Outreach Guide for some good ideas to widen your promotion even further than through email and press release distribution.

Assuming that you have successfully met your event threshold for ticket sales, you now move on to the Preparing for Your Event Guide.  This one covers getting to the theater early, admitting people and watching the movie.

A few days after the screening you may wish to thank people to attending the screening. You can use the Follow Up Message Template and send a message to all attendees through the Tugg system.  People do like to feel acknowledged and, who knows, perhaps you will host other Tugg screenings and you will already have a base of support.