Screening – In Search of Liberty

The first public screening of In Search of Liberty took place in Savannah, Georgia, where principal photography took place. There were approximately 165 people in attendance on August 9, 2017, at the  historical, 199-year old Savannah Theatre, which was one location in the movie.  Those attending included actors Jimmy Hager, Bobby Deen, Karen Boles, Kayla Huth, Tyler Huth, Claudia Deen, and Stella Rylee, along with producer and director Norm Novitsky and writer Tom Solari.

Tyler Huth and Bobby Deen
Kayla Huth, Bobby Deen, Norm Novitsky, Tyler Huth
Jimmy Hager (l) and Norm Novitsky (r)
Tyler Huth, Claudia Deen, Kayla Huth
Jimmy Hager and Chip Lane
Tyler Huth, Norm Novitsky, Jimmy Hager, Bobby Deen, Lisa Prentiss
Tom Solari and Bobby Deen
Karen Boles, Lisa Prentiss, Bobby Deen
Kayla Huth, Lisa Prentiss, Tyler Huth, Chip Lane

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